Through its long experience in the field of small electric domestic appliances manufacturing, Mavelec has developed a wide know how offering to its customers the possibility of design, technical study, development and final manufacturing of its products.

In simple words we create our appliances from A to Z!

Today the renovated facilities and company’s machinery fulfill the continuously increasing demands of the market for advanced 3D drawings, tools and prototyping methods. Mavelec’ s engineering staff, composed of a team of high skilled engineers and technicians, is in position -cooperating with industrial designers- to develop any customer’s idea evaluating at the same time the feasibility and safety of the project.

More specifically….

Complete CAD Design & Product Development

Our 3D CAD experience can be immediately and efficiently applied on the development of new or existing solutions so that better and more competitive products can be achieved for our customers. Through 3D CAD drawings we can simulate the appliance’s assembly process and safely conclude to the most reliable process. Thank s to this process and FMEA analysis we achieve design optimization even before prototype manufacturing.


In all the steps of the product development, the design’s evaluation is achieved by use of a variety of prototyping methods. Prototyping is widely used to assure that products will have the expected design and performance.

Tool Design

The know-how of MAVELEC in this sector is valuable, as the company is specialized in metal tool manufacturing over 18 years.

Our engineers and technicians have a wide experience not only in the product study, but also in the evaluation and analysis of the necessary tool steps. Wherever is needed for the scope of the project special multi action mechanisms are designed achieving production optimization. Also simple up to complex devices are facilitating and are giving accuracy to assembly process.

Assembly Auxiliary Devices

The product’s assembly is supported with all necessary auxiliary devises (jigs) which are assisting the assembler’s workmanship and assure stability and quality in the assembly process. The design and construction of the auxiliary devices requires deep knowledge on the product itself and prevents production deviations leading to productivity optimization.

From the simpler to the most complicated assembly our team is capable to create all necessary supporting tools which will help the production to achieve a stable quality in an efficient way.

From the metallic and plastic parts production till the pre-assembly , assembly and final product packing our company is servicing its customers offering a complete service pack having always as a guide the optimum quality assurance through well established quality management system (according to ISO 9001:2008) and process stability.