Our People

Since our company was established, we have based our forces and we are still supported by our people considering them as our most valuable and important “asset”.

Having its roots on the policy of a family company, MAVELEC feels proud for its people, as they keep supporting the company in their majority for several years now, returning the respect and the honesty that the company provides.

Our people have been and will always be our force, as we believe that a company is considered successful not only when it achieves financial indicators and targets, but mainly when it respects its people, deals with them on an equal base and fights for their development through continuous training and freedom for initiatives.

We trust our people and we support their needs, mainly in these difficult times for the manufacturing sector and not only.

Through our commitments not only against our customers, but also against ourselves to follow always a code of conduct, we become better and invest on our future and our visions. Because together with trustworthy colleagues we can make them true!